Text Box: Text Box: All Gen111 V8’s and to a  lesser degree HSV are detuned from the factory primarily for marketing reasons this gives the opportunity for VTA to release additional power. As a by product of custom remapping for power, engine efficiency is optimised and fuel consumption is reduced with a reduction of around 10%.



DLB4 Tuning is a relatively new alternate tuning system to Dyno tuning on fuel injected cars made possible by the new generation of mobile data logging computer technology. Those that tune this way as I do believe from road/track data log tuning that measuring the oxygen content in the exhaust after the cat gives an incorrect reading of air/fuel ratios due to the design function of the catalytic converter and the wideband sensor. This is a contentious issue from tuners who sample from the tail pipe. This topic has been discussed at length on several forums, for further information research the web under catalytic converter operation and wideband oxygen sensor operation which will give you an insight into the reasons behind the DLB4 tuning logic.

The “ Next Generation Tuning Technology” DLB4 tuning process is used to optimise vehicle performance by detailed monitoring of engine parameters under actual operating conditions, there are too many variables such as  heat soak, ram air flow and linear ramp rates to name a few associated with a stationary machine which is trying to duplicate road/track conditions to achieve this objective with 100% accuracy. There is now a more accurate  alternative brought about by the rapid growth of mobile computer technology, laptop computers then a source of hi-speed digital data available from sensors through the vehicle engine management computer via aftermarket diagnostic scanners and programming software to manipulate all necessary variables and able to calculate power and torque and is constantly improving in ease of use, cost and accuracy. Data logging under actual operating conditions and at full load and throughout the full rpm range idle to rev limiter at legal road speeds is now a reality with  more accurate monitoring of the knock threshold with the ability to interface wideband a/f ratio meters live and data log many more parameters all mobile, eliminating variables associated with trying to duplicate road/track conditions in a workshop.

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