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Text Box: Vehicle Technologies Australia (VTA) specialise in re-programming the Holden Gen111 & Gen1V engine management computer maximising engine and transmission settings (auto) for optimum performance using the latest  software. The following packages have been developed and extensively tested on our development vehicles and then used in our customers vehicles.

                           STAGE 1 PROGRAM UPGRADE VT-VY    UG591  
Up to a 7% improvement in  fuel consumption, increased performance and responsiveness, this tune will reduce 1/4 mile times by .5 seconds, no other modification for the price can achieve this increase in performance. Either unleaded or premium unleaded fuel can be used. 

                           STAGE 11 CUSTOM  TUNE VT-VZ    UG593
The “Universal Custom Tune” this tune is for those performance enthusiasts that are interested in a considerable improvement in performance and fuel consumption at a reduced cost it achieves around  85% of the performance and  fuel consumption improvement that a full custom tune would achieve and represents excellent value, this upgrade includes a data log session to confirm operating parameters for the given vehicle are met, premium unleaded fuel is recommended. This upgrade is equal to your typical Dyno tune at a fraction of the price.

Typical Performance improvement: 
Standard tune 14.9 seconds ¼ mile 
VTA Upgrade tune 13.8 second ¼ mile 

Based on our development vehicle a VY SS Ute 21000ks at WSID using 98 octane fuel , absolutely standard including street tyres, standard exhaust system and induction system. 

         STAGE 111 FULL CUSTOM TUNE  VT- VZ  UG596
A VTA developed base tune is downloaded into your car that has been developed at WSID and under actual road conditions for optimum performance and economy this is then data logged on the road and re-programmed to suit your vehicle ensuring that not only is there a substantial increase in performance but the vehicle feels responsive under all operating conditions including auto transmission operation. Overall a high performance level is achieved with a broad responsive feel with the added benefit of reduced fuel consumption at around 12% over the standard tune under the same operating conditions. The vehicle is required for a minimum of one day, premium unleaded fuel is required. 

Typical Performance improvement: 
Standard tune 14.9 seconds ¼ mile 
VTA Custom tune 13.6 second ¼ mile 

Based on our development vehicle a VY SS Ute 21000ks at WSID, absolutely standard including street tyres, standard exhaust system and induction system . 
STAGE 11 & 111 tunes are available in Speed Density (mafless) at no extra 

 Nitrous Oxide System NOS
This is comparable to an athlete on performance enhancing drugs, it does work and is relatively cost effective however it is illegal to operate a vehicle on NOS on a public road In Australia therefore NOS can only be used on the race track.

Vehicle Technologies Australia can supply and install  NOS with an upgrade of your engine management system to a full custom tune both for the road and the track with a custom operating system allowing fine adjustment of the custom tune program to accommodate optimum performance on NOS at the track. If the customer prefers to buy and install the NOS system then VTA can supply a custom operating system and a full custom tune.

NOS usage costs, with two 1/4 mile runs one 10.9 and one at 10.8 used 4lbs of NOS. With a 10lb capacity cylinder and a fill cost of around $140 this equates to around $28 per 1/4 mile run. Given the cost of supply install and tune of a NOS system giving a 1/4 mile reduction of 1.1 second on a 11.9 second car It would not be possible that this result could be achieved by any other means for the cost.


LPG Custom... UG006
LPG Universal… UG004
Mail Order… UG0053 
6Litre L76 - LS2 - L98 CUSTOM... UG0031

               OTHER SERVICES POA       
Diagnostic Scan – Lean cruise activation — Corrupted PCM recovery – 300kw auto shift calibration upgrade — Shift light activation man vehicles — Locked PCM overwriting  (LS1 Edit) – Spare PCM re-programming — RPM limiter - Speed Limiter - Thermo Fans - Auto Change Points – Shift Speed – Shift Firmness - Speedo Calibration (Diff Changes) -  Speedo Calibration (Satellite referenced). VN to VT Delco engine management normally aspirated and forced induction tuning and diagnostic scanning. 
Valet mode is now available to limit RPM and or vehicle speed to ensure when the vehicle is operated by someone else it is within pre-set parameters as determined by you. Supply install and program gear change light with auditable buzzer for manual transmission vehicles.  

VTA welcome the opportunity to discuss your tuning requirements and implement any specific requirements you may have, we can be contacted during normal business hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 0418 204176


Customers having a  full custom tune are required to arrange to have an oxygen sensor fitting 18mm x 1.5mm welded into their exhaust pipe prior to the catalytic converter to accept a wideband oxygen sensor for tuning prior to the tuning day.

It is the policy of Vehicle Technologies Australia that all tune programs are security locked to ensure that servicing dealers can not overwrite them for your benefit and to maintain the commercial integrity to Vehicle Technologies Australia. 

The above prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.


Text Box:                                DLB4 Next Generation Tuning Technology 
                                LS1 - LS2 - L76 - L98 
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VX ex police car  240,000ks

Unopened engine

3.07:1 diff ratio

Std auto gearbox

Std converter

Full  aftermarket exhaust


Drag Slicks

VTA custom mafless tune

1/4 mile 12.99 @106mph





VY ute

First stage upgrade

Unopened engine

3.07:1 diff ratio

Std auto gearbox

Std converter

Std exhaust

Std induction system

Std wheels and tyres

VTA custom maf tune

1/4 mile 13.6 @102mph



Statesman Working Hire Car 270,000ks

Unopened engine

3.07:1 diff ratio

Std auto gearbox

Std converter

Full aftermarket exhaust

Std induction system

19” wheels and  std tyres

VTA custom economy tune

14% improvement in fuel economy

1/4 mile 13.9 @100mph



Some VTA customers cars at Western Sydney International Dragway

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Text Box:      Phone: 0418204176             Email: vtatune@vtatune.com
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  VTA Manual Transmission

        Gear Change Light

   Includes auditable buzzer

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Full Cutom Tuning


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     Second stage upgrade

Camshaft - valve springs stall converter - extractors full exhaust  - 3.7 diff -slicks full VTA custom Speed Density tune –OTRCAI

1/4 mile 11.9@ 114mph

Third stage upgrade

Same mechanical mods as in stage two with the addition of 150 hp wet NOS system

VTA Speed Density  tune upgrade with a custom operating system

1/4 mile 10.8 @ 125mph