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             Gen111 Fuel Economy



As  the above chart clearly shows for the catalytic converter to maintain emissions I.E. Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Oxides of Nitrogen at a minimum, the crossover point to achieve this is lambda 1 usually referred to as Stoichiometric this ensures emission levels are maintained at a minimum.


With current engine management systems including Gen111 this is done automatically by the engine management computer with a process called “Closed Loop Mode” except when under heavy to full load throttle openings which then enters “Open Loop Mode”. This now raises the question how do you improve fuel economy given the engine management automatically controls the fuel delivery to maintain emissions. By some tuners this is  done easily  by removing emissions control to achieve lean fuel delivery.


All Economy Tunes by Vehicle Technologies Australia maintain all factory emission controls.

An improvement in fuel economy in VTA tunes is achieved by maximising all settings in the engine management program skewed towards economy optimisation achieving up to a 10% saving over the standard tune under the same operating conditions. Note as a byproduct of this economy tune the engine power goes up due to improved engine operating efficiency this increase in power needs to be controlled to achieve the indicated improvement in economy


Cost Justification:

For example if  you spend $100 a week on fuel, you spend $600 on an economy tune engine management upgrade and a 10% saving is achieved. At a $10 a week saving it will generate a saving of $520 pa based on today’s fuel prices. After a payback period of 60 weeks you will have recovered your initial cost from then on your return on you investment is 86%pa.






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The following settings are from a std program